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Doctoral projects

Design for desktop and video collaboration (Computer science: Konrad Tollmar, January 1996-June 2001(Dokt))

The documentary meets digital media – new challenges for audience participation (Filmvetenskap, SU: Åke Walldius, January 1997-December 2001(D))

Awareness in informal communities (HCI: Cristian Bogdan, July 1997-June 2001(D))

Accomodating visitors in digital communities (HCI: Anders Hedman, July 1997-Feuary 2001 (Lic)-June 2002(D))

The effect of Internet on the development of media – an evolution or revolution (Media and communication, GU: Eva-Maria Jacobsson, July 1997-Sepember 2002(D))

Internet users in a socio-cultural perspective (Media and communication, UmU: Peter Petrov, July 1997-June 2001(D))

Narrative in digital media (Filmvetenskap, SU: Björn Thuresson, July 97-June 2002 (D))

Subjectivity in shared virtual information environments (HCI: Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro, Tech. Lic, January 1998-June 2001 (D))

Auditory direct manipulation for blind computer users (HCI: Fredrik Winberg, July 1998-June 2001 (Lic), June 2003 (D))

Shared storytelling in children’s development (Datorpedagogik. Maryland: Angela Boltman, Sepember 1998-August 2001 (PhD))

Sonification (Music, London Univ: Sep98-Jun03, Sten-Olof Hellström, (PhD))

Aesthetics for new forms of interaction (HCI: Sara Ilstedt, Mar. 99-Jun. 03(D))

Ethnographic studies of mixed reality event production (HCI: Marie-Louise Rinman, January 2000-June 2001 (Lic))

Learning components (HCI: Fredrik Paulsson, December 2000-)

Learning environments (Computer science, NADA: Mathias Palmér, January 2001-)


Last update April 4, 2002

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