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User oriented design

The research area User oriented design aims at increasing the knowledge about and the practical possibilities for efficient user participation in system development and user interface design. The group is maintained as a discussion forum for individuals working with user orientation in CID projects and with representatives from industrial and user partners. Prerequisites and guidelines for conducting user oriented project are discussed with the aim to increase the awareness of the advantages of user oriented work. In one of the projects, UsersAward - User-driven Software Certification, CID cooperates with LO (Swedish Trade Union Confederation), TCO (Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees), Uppsala University, and University of Gävle in the UsersAward network

Research group

Senior researchers within the user orientation research are:

• Åke Walldius, (contact person)
• Yngve Sundblad,
• Ann Lantz,
• Henrik Artman,

Research students:

• Minna Räsänen,
• Rosa Gudjonsdottir


UsersAward - User-driven Software Certification (2003-)

Formal meetings on distance

Procurement competence

A workinglife for all - ALFA/EQUAL

Joint projects

Design for all users with the Swedish Handicap Institute

Better together with the Swedish Handicap Institute

Finished projects

ITQ - IT Quality in workplace software (1998-2002)

Updated by Åke Walldius 2004-03-11