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CyberMath is a 3D multi-user virtual environment where users can share and experience mathematical objects that would be difficult to visualize and interact with in real life. It is built as an exploratorium that contains a number of exhibition areas (figure 1). This allows teachers to guide learners through the exhibitions but learners can also visit the environment at their leisure, alone or together with others.

CyberMath was presented at SIGGRAPH 2001 (Tax»n & Naeve, 2001)

Tax»n, G. and Naeve, A. (2001a) CyberMath: Exploring Open Issues in VR-Based Learning. In Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2001 Educators Program, 49-51.


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En vy från DiME - en digital 3D-mötesmiljö.
Cybermath - an interactive virtual exhibit that illustrates transformations