Formal meetings – if the users have access and needed artifacts are integrated



The aim is to study human communication processes within distributed formal meetings supported by synchronous computer systems and to increase users possibility to influence the design or re-design of IT.


The goal is : 

-to develop a model for the analysis of variables playing a fundamental role in electronic communication,

-to affect from user studies the design of user-oriented interfaces for electronic meetings.


To work co-operatively  include participative observations and making developers of technology and their users to meet. At some phases of the project there will be usability studies and more focused studies performed.


This is all taking part in the context of distributed meetings where we think the co-operative approach will demand a re-design or new development of IT and also increase the use of the technology and support the activity i.e. distributed meetings.


This project is funded by VINNOVA


CID: Ann Lantz

IPLab: Tessy Cerratto

Cooperating partners: Luleå technical University, AMT/KTH


Last updated 2002-02-08