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Procurement competence

Organisational goals and usability are assumed, but seldom explicitly stated, when procuring computer systems. The project "Procurement competence" explores the procurement process from a usability and organisational standpoint in order to develop understanding and models for good procurement practices. Apart from running over time as well as budget, it is common knowledge that large amounts of unplanned development activities are consequences of neglected usability issues early in projects. Developing procurement competence must deal with those issues. So far research has focused on different forms of user involvement and usability assessments, all from the producer's perspective. Procurement competence is devoted to exploring the powers of user centeredness and usability from the inception of system development projects. The goal is to produce a practical and theoretically grounded procurement model, which take the procurer perspective and is based on the users' needs and actual system use.

Procurement competence expects to contribute with knowledge and experiences
from case studies and field experimentation, which will help procurers
demand and formulate user centred processes.

CID: Henrik Artman,

Partners: IconMediaLab, TCO-Development, TietoEnator


Uppdaterade 2000-11-21