List of selected publications, ke Walldius


Doctoral dissertation

* Walldius, ke, Patterns of Recollection; The Documentary Meets Digital Media, Diss. at the Department for Cinema studies, Stockholm University, Aura / Technical report TRITA-NA-D0105, CID-142, October 2001.


Book chapter, anthology from refereed conference

* Walldius, ke. Visual diaries: Revival of a Documentary Form in Digital Culture, Moving Images: From Edison to the Webcam, J. Fullerton and A.S. Widding ed., 181-186, Sydney: John Libbey, 2000. Anthology from the Technology of Moving Images Conference, Dept. of Cinema Studies and Institute for Future Studies, December 6-9, 1998, Stockholm


Articles in refereed periodicals and conference proceedings

* Walldius, ke, and Yngve Sundblad, Lars Bengtsson, Torbjšrn Lind, and Bengt Sandblad, User-driven quality certification of workplace software, the UsersAward experience, accepted to the Work With Computing Systems Conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur, June 29 Ð July 2 2004.


* Walldius, ke, Shared 3-D Workplace Exhibitions as Sites for Community Meetings. BIT, Behaviour & Information Technology, vol. 20, no. 2, pp. 91-99, March-April 2001.


* Walldius, ke and Yngve Sundblad: User-driven software quality labelling , Proceedings of the DIAC 2002 Conference, (Directions and Implications for Advanced Computing), Seattle, May 16-19, 2002, pp. 266-271.


Technical reports

* Walldius, ke, Use stories as a way to turn pattern sequences into small, practical languages, presented at the HCHI Patterns workshop at the CHI 2004 Conference in Vienna, April 25-29 2004.


* Walldius, ke, Patterns can bring in knowledgeable users into the software development cycle, paper presented at the Pattern Language workshop at the InterAct 2004 Conference in ZŸrich, September 1-5 2003.


* Walldius, ke, and Yngve Sundblad, Torbjšrn Lind. A User-driven Workplace Software Certification Process, CID-221, Technical report TRITA-NA-D0301. CID, Stockholm, March 2003.


* Walldius, ke, DokumentŠren i digital medier Ð minskad trovŠrdighet, eller škad? The Science Days, Forskardagarna 2002, Stockholm University, October 2002, p 18-19.


* Sundblad, Yngve, and ke Walldius, Torbjšrn Lind, Bengt Sandblad, Jan Gulliksen, Mats Lšfberg, Lars Bengtsson, Martin Ljungstršm, Torbjšrn Ilar, ITQ - KvalitetssŠkring av IT-stšd fšr det utvecklande arbetet Slutrapport. CID-170. Technical report TRITA-NA-D0202, CID, Stockholm, May 2002.


* Lind, Torbjšrn, and ke Walldius. Den finaste utmŠrkelsen, in AnvŠndarperspektivet, Strategier fšr att fšrstŠrka samspelet mellan anvŠndare och utvecklare, VINNOVA rapporter VR 2001:18, VINNOVA, Stockholm, September 2001.


* Lind, Torbjšrn, and ke Walldius. Simuleringsprogram som verktyg i fšrbŠttringsarbete, in AnvŠndarperspektivet, Strategier fšr att fšrstŠrka samspelet mellan anvŠndare och utvecklare, VINNOVA rapporter VR 2001:18, VINNOVA, Stockholm, September 2001.


* Walldius, ke. Visualisering av miljšekonomiska fšrlopp, en fšrstudie om verktyg fšr visualisering i TCO:s miljšmŠrkning. CID- 25, Technical report TRITA-NA-D9714, CID, Stockholm, November 1997.


*: the asterisk denotes the publication chosen to be listed in this application. The dissertation demonstrates my familiarity with non-fiction film theory and how to align it to recent contributions in Human-Computer Interaction studies, notably that of design pattern analysis. The book chapter and the article from BIT, Behaviour & Information Technology exemplify refereed contributions in both the above mentioned fields. The paper from the DIAC'02 proceedings demonstrates the application of the design pattern method to the field I and my colleagues work in, software quality assessment. The rest of the papers details the ITQ/UsersAward research, commented in the international evaluation quoted under heading 2.3